Projects and Proposals in Peru

Acción Ambiental's essential goal is environmental conservation.  But our projects and proposals, outlined below, although mainly in Peru cover manifold areas and several countries.
  • Assessment and support of indigenous community of San Antonio, Ayacucho, Peru to maximise usage of limited water resources;
  • Presentation to International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) of material advocating Red List status of Puya raimondii, a spectacular and threatened Andean plant; ( Listing approved September 2009.)
  • Development of an international project to protect the species;
  • Formal complaint to British Financial Services Authority recommending that investment funds making Socially Responsible Investment claims apply expert-approved and not internally-developed investment criteria.  (A laudable project - Rajendra Pachauri.)
  • Submission to European Union's Unit G1, the office responsible for financial regulation, of material urging adoption of such standards in its reform of financial institutions;
  • Research into and promotion of appropriate strategies to control Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus; Article
  • Drafting of profile of the insect for IUCN invasive species database (in progress, November '09);
  • Support of Huillcapata, a rural indigenous community near Cuzco, in development and marketing of yogurt and design and construction of irrigation reservoir;
  • Donation of laptop computer to rural community of Ccorao, Peru;
  • Supply of materials and instructions on installation of drip-feed irrigation system in Pumamarka indigenous community near Cuzco
  • Critique and proposals to improve Cuzco's Urban Development Plan; (the best observations received - Cuzco Municipal architects; very interesting [document which] can be a major contribution - Spanish Agency for International Cooperation; Comments in Spanish
  • International competition with the same purpose; (Excellent proposal - Cuzco Mayor Valencia)
  • Identification and description in three languages of native plants of Cuzco Plaza San Francisco;
  • Establishment at request of Regional Government of a Commission of city's most distinguished architects and other professionals together with NGO representatives to advise authorities on future urban development;
  • Recommendation to this commission and to municipal architects of a monthly competition inviting solutions from the public to the city's problems with prizes for the best ideas;
  • Proposed identification and description in Spanish, English and Quechua of native plants in Cuzco's San Francisco plaza;
  • Restoration incorporating sustainable technology of colonial/Inca hacienda; (A star project - Arch. Roberto Samanez, ex Director National Culture Institute) Proposal in Spanish
  • Solid Waste Management consulting offered to Cuzco city;
  • Support of Cusichaca Trust, English NGO, in a range of projects tackling poverty and environmental problems in Apurimac and Ayacucho provinces;
  • Support of Caritas Cuzco for similar measures in Cuzco region;
  • Introduction of high efficiency stove to Regional Government to combat 4th cause of death in the Third World, inhalation of domestic fire smoke, and sequester carbon;
  • Study of rice and other product marketing for farmers in Pillcopata, Amazon region;
  • Evaluation of ecotourism potential of Amazon community of Kosñipata;
  • Support of local NGO, ECOAN, in reforestation with native queuña trees (Polylepis spp) as a conservation measure to protect threatened endemic species; distribution of firewood and basic medicine to Andean communities; demonstration of soil conservation measures, etc.
  • Development of formal complaint to European Ombudsman demanding that Community MSW landfill specifications match those of the US Environmental Protection Agency.